The Al (aka Almighty God) took Angel Leipsick (who you can meet in the previous post aside and instructed him to go down to earth on a Secret Mission. "Before we launch this Christianity thing" said God, "I want to find out what's really going on down there right now. Just observe, flit around, stay incognito..."

I should say that The Al said all this to the ugly and odd Angel Leipsick in a Dream. God had been around long enough to appreciate the value of Deniability.

Leipsick felt giddy with excitement. "How do I get down there, your Alness?" he asked.

God yawned. "Details, details... Meditate?"

What did that mean? Leipsick (who you will know from reading the previous post, really did look odd) fell into a deeper sleep and dreamt he'd been reborn beautiful.

Anyway, to cut a long blogpost short, the next thing our ugly hero knew was...

Well, this a serial, so I won't tell you yet.